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't worry, he says he has a plan. steve? >> what is it? meanwhile, london is burning. the city erupting into flames overnight as violent riots grow for a third straight day. latest details moments away. "fox & friends" up early on this tuesday starts now. >> hey, this is boone pickens. you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> thank you very much for that endorsement and good morning, folks. we are up 5:00 a.m. eastern here in new york city. good morning to you, eric. >> good morning, steve dooszy. i got to tell you last night, i was here until 11:00 watching the markets. it's something very scary going on. around 10:00, the markets were down 100 points. it looks like there was no bottom at sight. we went 350 points lower at one point last night atop of that number right there. 634. literally 1,000 points for the day at one point. we closed the market and closed the show down and we woke up this morning and somehow, we have a little bit a bounceback. >> a little bit. >> a little bit of a bounceback. >> people are wondering about the asian markets and euro
and the dax had been down. >> important to note, we have this exact same thing play out monday night, steve, i'm sorry, sunday night, monday morning. we were sitting here and talking on the couch. the asian markets were very weak sunday night. last night, we were doing the show on the fox business network. i was sitting there watching, hosting the show. we went down from down 100 futures again but indicating a lower opening to down 200, to down 300. to down 350. we put the asian markets to bed. we woke up this morning in europe, again, floated the boat a little bit like it had yesterday. problem is when the u.s. markets open up, that's when the selling came back and it really -- the markets started to tank once again but right now, we're sitting up a little bit. up a little bit. but it's a great improvement from late last night. >> do you agree with the fact that it was oversold yesterday so we might see a bounce today? >> no, gretchen, because these are big things. this is the first time ever u.s. downgrade of american debt. this is a -- this isn't an overbought, oversold or just money is mo
'm also a member of the house of delegates of the american bar association, where it first met steve. this is a series of programs underwritten by the charles gesky family, which examines the constitution in the 21st century. this examines the balance between safety, security, and public order, and the protection of civil liberties and the integrity of the constitution on the other. tonight program will focus on threats to our american justice system caused by under-funding and indecisiveness. i would like to mention that the question answer portion of the program will be moderated by a professor geoffrey hazard, a distinguished professor of law at uc hastings. the professor is a leading expert in the field of civil procedure of legal ethics and is good at asking questions. it is my pleasure to introduce our very special guest, stephen zack, president of the american bar association. with nearly 400,000 members, it is the largest volunteer professional membership organization in the world. mr. zack is the first hispanic american to serve as the president and the second to be born abr
. it is warmer inland. >> steve i don't think it is true but thank you for your confidence. as we drive to 680 it is nice. also this morning westbound looks pretty good driving out to the oakland area, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> another volatile day on wall street, in the financial district they had some more global reaction to yesterday's slide, alley? >> this is the emergency alert equipment if this had been an emergency you would have received directions and information. this concludes the emergency alert system. >> reporter: they are down this morning and it is a similar story for asian markets and hong kong tumbled and japan nike along with shanghai went down. saudi arabia lost more than 4- point 5% and all of this happened after the stock market plunge in the u.s. making it the biggest single day drop since 2008. it happened on the first full day of trading after they downgraded the u.s.' aaa credit rating to double. they are concerned about the strength of the global economy and about european debt crisis but again the u.s. opened here at 6:30 so we will continue to keep an eye
,good morning to you. welcome to a brand-new day august 9th i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook and we have steve back with the forecast, hello steve. >> we have fog. >>> visibility reduced there towards the north bay and upper 80s inland unless you are in vacaville where is low -- which is low 90s. sal? >>> traffic is moving a long nicely on highway 4, it is already stop and go in parts of antioch due to construction zone and this morning we are looking at traffic on interstate 880 let's go back to the desk. >>> the opening bell rings in less than 30 minutes and alley will talk about the mood among investors, alley? >> reporter: with the markets opening in about a half hour we have seen more activity as people make their way into work. we had a chance to talk to some of these investors about what they were expecting today. >> i don't know. it kind of fluctuates. >> everybody says it has been consistent and is doing what it can to help the markets but it can be whatever mood we have it will be -- whatever move we have it will be short lived. >> reporter: they have a scheduled meeting and the day
her son say "i did not have any money." she says she heard a man with haiti in his voice telling steve to shut -- with hate in his voice telling steve to shut up. earlier, during opening statements, the prosecutor called the brutal and senseless crime, saying there is nothing worse than it parents losing a child, and added what is more tragic is the mother 1,000 miles away helpless on a cell phone as he is confronted, robbed, and stabbed to death. >> the defense attorney says he is innocent, and wagner's girlfriend and another man in custody are the murderers, and both are set to testify against john wagner. >> there is already a guilty plea to the robbery. cosby is accused of using the victim's credits card hours after the murder. another witness found him on the ground -- the dictum on the ground. he kept struggling to say something, he thinks it was a "mom. >> city officials hope to use a new incentive to lure eight bidder for the slot said. up to $6 million will be used to help cover and fisher costs. while there appears to be interest, the demand for a 3% tax might meet resistance
't believe so. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> steve. >> the sinking market is driving down the cost of oil translating to lower prices at the pump. average national prices could be somewhere between $3.3.50 a gallon in the next few weeks in the area today an average for a gallon in dc, 3 .8 8-cents a gallon. >> the president will be in springfield announcing new fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles it will save businesses in fuel costs it will take effect beginning with 2014 model years. >>> another big story this morning the first phase of the back transition begins today. >>> the long awaited move of defense workers, stirring up traffic concerns. stacy good morning. >> reporter: good morning this is always a busy place to be 200,000 folks commute up and down 395 every single day now with the addition of this large new building that will eventually be 6,000 extra commuters on that stretch of roadway that has been cause for concern the first wave of emily owes arrived for work today. -- employees
are driving in the south bay, 280 and 17 are off to good starts. >>> let's go to steve. >>> all right, sal. a lot of low clouds. some sun already. low clouds burned back. it willings -- it looks like it will burn off. too much in the way of fog for temperatures to get out of the 60s. low 50s to upper 50s. still -- i and not much change. sonoma county airport, down to 51. low clouds, though, kind of stop any further cooling. west-southwest, what is that 18? 13? and that's not very strong for travis. it needs to be stronger than that. so that along with a shallower fog bank shows me we'll be warmer away from the coast. for those of you looking for warm weather, there's always another system. so you get a warmup. it gets blasted right out. there are signs that an even stronger system could come in. 60s 70s and 80s. ukiah and clearlake, 80 napa. kentfield. 84 dan victims. 88 brentwood. probably about 90 towards vac cau ville. but 67 alameda. pleasanton, 84. 76 milpitas. 75 degrees. los gatos, 70sen the peninsula -- 7s on the peninsula. a lot of -- 70s on the peninsula. a lot of 60s. much of th
not produced jobs as we have seen. >> let me bring in steve forbes who is editor and chief of "forbes", and good to see you, steve. are you seeing assurance in the numbers or what are you making to the markets? >> after falling 1,130 points in the last three trading days it is nice to see recapture 186 points from the loss. the key thing from washington, you will have to see a big change of policy either on the stop the weak dollar policy or a serious effort to fundamentally simplify the tax code and one of those two initiatives would be good for the markets, but i don't see that happening quite yet. >> let's talk about what is good for the markets and the economy overall, because there is a couple themes i have heard over and over as i watched the pundits over the last 24 hours, steve. calling congress back and you heard john say that one high level democrat thought that would be highly productive, and the second is that the president should come forward with a specific plan whether it is what you have suggested or something to really start to move the economy. does he have that kind
as somewhat of a surprise because he had tweeted he was likely done as a 49er. >>> steve williams, caddy for adam scott at bridgestone. tiger woods was stumbling to his 37th place finish, 17 shots behind the champion, adam scott. incredible subplot to tiger's return. you know that steve williams has carried tiger's bag for 13 victories. check out what he said. here's the top five. >> i've been a caddy for 33 years and that's the worst week of my life. i'm never going to forget that week. >> number four, strength in numbers, maybe not. real madrid took on 109 kids. they beat the kids 2-1. can you believe that? a former from china attempted -- performer from china attempted to walk a tight-rope. he caught himself. do not try this at home. at number two, don't tell david wright that the mets are out of the playoff chase. incredible catch, robbing hudson of a hit. number one, seattle washington, muloy speeding along in her hydroplane when it flipped. she was stuck underneath the boat for one minute and 15 second. she's okay and she said afterwards quote, it was a very gentle crash. in april,
for the moment. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: in his first reaction since standard & poor's downgraded u.s. bonds late friday, president obama rejected the double-a plus rating. >> no matter what some agency might say, we've always been and always will be a triple-a country. >> reporter: but u.s. stock markets dropped sickeningly. the dow losing 5.55%. the s&p 500, 6.6%. the biggest drops in years. gold was up to an all-team high, $1,700, a sign investors are scared. by last week's debt ceiling deal, not big or bold enough. >> no one cuts entitlement spending. no one cuts tax reform. instead republicans and democrats show an ounce of backbone and actually do what's in the interest of the american people rather than what's in their own immediate political interest, i can't argue with s&p's conclusion. >> reporter: the president said the downgrade could spur on new debt talks. >> our problems are imminently solvable, and we know what we have to do to solve it. >> reporter: that, in turn, raised the head of standard & poor's. >> it was a bit of a new sense of urgency that we
the steve miller band. i would be jealous if you were. 90 in manassas. 09 in fredericksburg. 88 in leesburg. when we come back, we'll talk about when we get a break on the humidity and the heat. >>> 30 soldiers killed in afghanistan make their final journey home. coming up, how president obama honored their sacrifice. >>> but first, the violence rocking london spreads to other parts of england. more on the rioting. we have it next. frustration fr night of violence sweeps through that city. 15,000 police officers are on the streets trying to keep things calm. the rioting got started saturday after a 29-year-old man was shot. today it spread to manchester and nottingham as well and a photographer caught this picture of a woman, she is jumping from a burning building into the arms of the firefighters waiting below. fortunately she was not hurt. you have heard of criminals who steal electronics and resell them. what about the crooks who steal every day household items? prince georges county police say these four suspects are part of an organized shoplifting ring that has been operating in bowie
is hhre with the detaill. we begin with news from americannidol. idol. judge stevee tyler is asking for a raiss aater hearing about jnnifer lopez's deal.lopez is in the final stage of negotiating a ddal worth up to twenty million bucks to come back for the new reportedly worth ten million a - year. "american idol"" returnss or its eleventh 3 season in jaauary. january. chat-sources-steven is halfway through a two-year deal, and is management has asked forrmore moneywas just as sensational and as popular oo the panel as jenniffr. side, show bosses argue he's tied into a deal and has tt ssick to t." more drama... this timm behindd most popular shows - turned mov. movie. america's favorite gym teacher didn't make the cut in the new "glee" flick.despite appearing in the fill's ttailer... janee lynch's chhracter... sue sylvester-...will not be in "glee: the 3-d oncert movie" pue ouu friday.creator ryan murphy madeethe annouucement to cass members before saturday's premier.lynch will the film... to e released at a later ate. 3 chat-alter ego at emmys there's nn drama on se
to leave interest rates at all time low. steve handlesman joins us live from capitol hill. what a day, steve? >> it was a day, barbara. at least the market ends up higher which makes the fed look a little better in the eyes of a lot of its critics. the fed many believe not a lot more it could do. basically said to the politicians in washington, up here on the hill, down here at the white house, you've got two years to fix the u.s. economy and we'll stand aside. >> the stock markets were bouncing back a day after the big drop. as federal reserve policy makers met in washington and decided against new intervention. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two more years and not buy more u.s. bonds. the markets, disappointed immediately dropped. >> anything the fed could do would have a marginal consequence. >> president obama was at the airport to greet the remains of those involved in the firefight over the weekend. >> president obama and the democrats have almost doubled the national debt in five years. >> reporter: the president made matters worse yesterday. >> an
in the future. let's bring in the panel about this. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this action, charles? >> i thought the late-day rally that we saw probably started around 3:00, when the president would not address the country, cheering and thrown in the air. general international exuberance. that is an attempt at satire. trying to get a chuckle. >> bret: i figured i'd let you go. >> you have to explain yourself, it's -- >> bret: the crickets were chirping. okay. >> i guess i wasn't cut out for that. the real story is what happened around 2:00. the man who really runs america, chairman of the federal reserve said for two years, keep interest rates low. normally, the chairman will say words like indefinitely, or for a while. they'll use the obscure words. but he was extremely specific. this is a contrast from the predecessor. he spoke in language that was so opaque and obscure you think you were listening to distinct himalayandy lecht. this ilecht -- himalayan dialect. he sai
at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. we turn to cnbc's steve sedgewick, live in london for us. what's the latest on the markets? >> the latest is at one point, the open of the european indices, we thought we were going to have a much better day. they went into positive territory. now let me gif you a list of the biggest markets in europe and how they're performing. london is down the best part of 3%. the german market, which obviously represents the biggest economies in europe, one that's doing really well, was down 5% yesterday, is down 4.3% today so far. looking at the futures for the dow, the dow which closed down 5.5% in the 634 points yesterday, the dow is down again at start of trading, at the morning, .6 of 1% lower. it was down triple digits at one point. improving from the lower levels. >> so much of what's happening on wall street in the united states is tied to what's going on in europe. someone put it to me this way, that the countries are like our banks in 2008. in need of bailouts. is there even a european mechanism that could pull off something like that
nice-looking skies on a tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with tucker barnes right now and you know, you said it is hot out there. we know it is august but it looks like at the end of the week, maybe it will be less like august. >> you got that right. wait until you see the five-day forecast. we have to get there first. today, the possible some of rain showers and thunderstorms. more heat and more humidity. that is always in the mix. >> are we good on rain yet? >> no, no, no, we still immediate more rain. here is the problem. part of the area will get 3 inches and five miles away, you're for the getting anything. we'll see the possibility of rain showers in the forecast today. okay, maybe we won't go to the radar. maybe i'll just tell you what is going to happen as we get into the affect hours. there you go. decent chance of some rain showers. mix of sun and clouds but probably more clouds this afternoon than sunshine. there is your hd radar. we'll see how well the showers hold together. that is a warm front p a co
. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. he has the latest on another warm one in the d.c. area this morning. >> good morning. yes, hazy, hot and humid conditions expected. back in the 90s. what's going on, steve? >> same old, same old. >> more clouds to talk about in the forecast and an increasing possibility of showers and thunderstorms particularly this afternoon. we have a combination of a warm front and a cold front that will be coming through. neither are really going to cool us down a whole lot but at least they'll set the stage for nicer weather that will get in here later this week. there you go. rain showers right now into western maryland. you drop see any flashes of lightning. certainly possible later this afternoon as that moves on through we could get some lightning around here and some thunderstorms. be ready for that. temperature, reagan national, 80. >> already right now. >> this is our -- this is as cool as it's gotten. >> yeah. >> 73 at dulles. forecast for today, so the huge return, the
personality, steve? >> hello sal, thank you. >>> clouds are moving in, in other locations and overnight lows continue to be cool overnight 50s it may take a while for the coast. sunny and breezy, low-to-mid 80s a few upper 80s here. plenty of low clouds and fog a little slower getting going today. san rosa 51 and temperatures in the city, 55 i was looking from richmond sunset, marina everybody is 55 and 60 in the city so it is rather consistent. one system drops out and another builds in. a lot of energy coming across the pacific in the form of a tie fine -- tie find. we'll see how it develops but that's how it is looking. sunny and warm inland and fog will clear back to the coast breezy at times nothing like what we have had a few days ago. 60s and 70 some 90s towards vacaville. it looks like that fog wants to regroup especially next week. >>> dianne has been forced to abandon her quest to swim without a shark cage. she was very sick when she was brought on the boat last night. 28 hours since she started her journey. she said i am not sad. it was the right call. she struggled through should
. >>> up next, after all the turmoil on wall street which continued today, is it time for panic? steve colbert is funny if you want comic relief from a difficult week on wall street which we've all had. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. yeah. 24 bucks later. that hurts. it's not like i really had a choice. snack on this. progressive's "name your price" tool showed me a range of coverages and i picked the one that worked for me. i saved hundreds. wow, that's dinner and a movie. [ dramatic soundtrack plays ] this picture stars you and savings. but mostly savings. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis humira has been proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira's use in patients with ra has been evaluated in multiple studies during the past 14 years. humira can lower your a
$375 today began in 1997 when steve jobs returned as c.e.o. >> it just all works. >> reporter: apple debut it had ipod music player in 2001 and the online itunes music store has made apple the world's largest music retailer. >> iphone is like having your life in your pocket. >> reporter: then in 2007 came the iphone. the company has now sold 125 million of them. lately it's this little thing called the ipad that's helping push apple's stock. the company began selling these tablet computers last year and they're already changing the industry. >> you like everything so far? (cheers and applause) well, i'll try not to blow it. >> reporter: steve jobs has reportedly battled cancer and some investors worry what becomes of apple without him. >> i don't see a lot of reason for them to slow down in the immediate future. >> reporter: analysts now believe apple is on pace to become the world's first trillion-dollar company. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> mason: the tornado that killed 160 people in joplin, missouri, in may, leveled a third of the town, including the high school. newly re
as asian stocks clawed back. u.s. market futures have fluctuated between up and down. and nbc's steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: in his first reaction since standard and poor's downgraded u.s. bonds late friday, president obama rejected the aa-plus rating. >> no matter what some agency will say, we've always been and always will be a aaa country. >> reporter: but the dow lost 5.55%. the s&p 5006.66%. the nasdaq off 6.9%, the biggest drops in years, gold was up to an all-time high, $1700, a sign investors are scared. by last week's debt ceiling deal, not big or bold enough. no one touched entitlement spending, no one fundamentally touched tax reform. knoll republicans and democrats show an ounce of backbone and actually do what's in the interest of the american people, rather than what's in their immediate political interest, i can't argue with s&p 500's conclusion. >> our problems are imminently solvable and we know what we have to do to solve them. >> that pleased the head of standard and poor's. >> it was a renewed sense of urgency we heard from him was encouraging. >> s&p do
, look what happened -- the dow up 430 points. what is the deal? steve handelsman has the latest on the markets and the politics. >> the stock markets were bouncing back as federal reserve policymakers met in washington, and decided against new intervention. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two years, and not buy more u.s. bonds. the markets, disappointed, immediately dropped. >> the fed is out of bullets. >> president obama was in delaware for the return of remains of u.s. forces killed in that afghanistan disaster. in island -- in iowa, a tea party republican michele bachmann blamed mr. obama for the crisis. >> president obama and politicians have almost doubled the national debt in five years. if that is why we are in trouble. >> tim pawlenty charged the president made matters worse yesterday. >> he began to act like a menu or spreader in a windstorm, throwing things in every direction with no focus. >> democrats slam the gop solution -- much deeper spending cuts. >> you cannot balance the budget of the united states with nine to 14 million unemploy
factors with steve rattner, nouri al rabinny, bill sahlman and bill gross. >> what they're worried about today is slow growth, recession and risk. and e fact is, over the last couple of years we put a lot of stimulus in the economy, we got the economy growing again but it's like pumping air into a balloon. >> rose: you think there's a real threat of a double-dip recession in. >> i think there is at this point at least a 50% probability. >> i think you have to think about a new kind of manufacturing. i think a lot of people are going to start to move manufacturing back here. >> today we have global economies in the developed world that were based on expectations of 2% to 3% growth and now we're looking at 0 or perhaps something less. and so this stability that was is leading to instability in the future based upon slower economic growth and/or recession and therefore declining profits. >> rose: a look at markets and the defining factors of our economic future next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you've had a coke in the last 40 years, you've played a part in building our global recycling p
on wall street which continued today, is it time for panic? steve colbert is funny if you want comic relief from a difficult week on wall street which we've all had. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> back to "hardball" now for the "sideshow." first up, leave it 20 steve co-beco co-bear to put a citizen on the downgrade. watch as he prepare for the consequences. >> folks it is nothing to worry about. on wall street, cooler heads always prevail. >> you can see the dow jones industrial down almost 300 points. >> we down more than 4 hrn. >> the dow is now down 500 points. >> down nearly 600 points. >> it's down 631 points. wall street spending in another day what's described as freak-out mode. >> don't panic! everything's fine. i'm ju
are expected to formally identify steve carlson as their suspect tomorrow or wednesday. because he was a juvenile when the crime was committed, he's being treated as a juvenile, at heat for now. all have you to do is -- at least for now. all you have to do is search his name on the internet and you will see his name came up early on in the investigation. >>> police are looking for a driver who led them on a high- speed chase. the suspect's car crashed at 66 and 880. this is the second time in less than a week that a suspect in a high-speed chase managed to avoid police on foot. >>> firefighters arrived at a home and found two women unconscious. investigators believe the fire started in an upstairs bedroom and right now it looks like a cigarette started that blaze. >>> up next -- internet service for less than 10 bucks a month. what you will need to get access to. >>> then a hidden danger in school lunches, what is making kids literally sick to her stomach. >> and the -- >>> and the secrets are out. who jackie o believes really was behind her -- behind her husband's assassination. ,
in the tournament. you remember his caddy steve williams, he carries the bag now for adam scott. he was tigers caddy. a month ago tiger woods fired stevey. woods said he fired him face to face. scott won the tournament yesterday and gave stevey a time to vent. he said it was the best day he ever had and that was without tiger. they need to visit dr. phil i guess. the 99ers will now have real depth in the secondary. >> thank you. >>> investors fears returned. coming up on tv 36 stocks are feeling the biggest hit but the damage is felt in other ways, coming up on bay area news on tv 36.
that and then a cooling trend will take us in the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >>> well, we want to take you live back out to the big board to show you the latest on stocks. it's been a wild last hour, you could say. now stocks are up 126 points -- hovering right under the 11,000 mark. currently, it's 132 points up right now. >>> petaluma police are reminding everybody to lock your cars and trunks and remove valuables in plain site. there have been 38 vehicle thefts this year including four this month. police say the latest was sunday morning on early when a jaguar and audi were stolen. most of the crimes occurred late in the morning or at night. police are investigating residents to call 911 in they see any suspicious activity. >>> mall surveillance shows -- those dogs' owners out of their car. they cracked a window and left a bowl of water. the firefighters were called in. the temperatures inside the suv had reached 135 degrees. >> that's not a guarantee that your animal is safe even if you put water in the car. it takes over -- about 20 minutes to get to 135 degrees. >> the owners don't f
. steve handlesman has our report from capitol hill. >> the stock markets were bouncing back a day after the big drop, as federal reserve policy makers met in washington and decided against new interventions. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two more years and not buy more u.s. bonds. >> the fed is on a bullet. anything additional it could do would have a marge nall consequence. >> the markets dropped. president obama was in delaware for the return of the remains of u.s. forces killed in the weekend afghan disaster. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> reporter: in iowa, tea party republican michele bachmann blamed mr. obama for the crisis. >> president obama and the politicians have almost doubled the national debt in five years. that's why we're in trouble. >> reporter: republican candidate tim pawlenty charged the president made matters worse yesterday. >> and he began to act like a manure spreader in a windstorm, throwing things in every direction without any real focus, without any real sense of solution many. >> democrats slammed the gop solution, muc
coming from the east shore freeway westbound. >> the dow jones is up 199 points. >> steve massocca is joining us, managing director at wedbush. what do you make of these positive numbers? >> we were long overdue. we have some pretty tremendous selling pressure, over the last nine days in the s&p traded down 16.7%. the nasdaq traded 17.3% in the russell 2000 is a measurement of small stocks. that was down 22.8 percent over the last nine days. clearly we have had a lot of selling over a short time frame. this rally is long overdue. >> it seems like the fed minutes are coming out today. all eyes watching, what more can the fed do? will printing money really make a difference? >> you have a good point. people have some level of expectation that the fed will do something, i do not know that they are. i do not know that this has been that significant in the event. when you look at the market's they are down between 5% and 8% and led to a dozen a the 2009, even though we have periods of time when the market was down 40 or 30%, why did not know if the markets will respond to that. >> we ha
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